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Responsive Design

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The Project:

  • Web Development
  • Email Marketing

Ballotin Whiskey, founded in 2015 in Louisville, KY, is known for its delicious dessert whiskeys, crafted with the sweet tooth in mind. To enhance their digital presence and customer engagement, Ballotin Whiskey collaborated with The Loft for web development and email marketing services.

The Loft transformed Ballotin Whiskey’s website into an ecommerce platform, focusing on a streamlined direct to consumer experience. The revamped website now allows customers to purchase products with a single click. A store locator was also added, making it easier for customers to find physical retail locations. The website was refreshed with a modern look and feel, and an email sign-up option was integrated so customers can sign up to receive newsletters and promotional content. One of the standout features is a custom carousel that not only displays products but also enables users to “Buy Now” with one click.

For email marketing, The Loft began sending out promotional emails to Ballotin Whiskey’s customer base, creating automated drip campaigns based on the products purchased. These campaigns encouraged customers to try recipes with their dessert whiskeys and leave reviews on the product pages, fostering a sense of community and engagement. To boost email sign-ups, a 10% off discount was offered as an incentive for new subscribers.

This collaboration between The Loft and Ballotin Whiskey exemplifies a successful digital marketing strategy, combining an intuitive ecommerce platform with effective email marketing to enhance customer engagement and drive sales.

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